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Ersis Spa

According to mythology, it symbolizes the freshness of the morning dew and that is why God Hermes fell in love with it. It symbolizes beauty and artistry and generously gives the power of inspiration to anyone who encounters and experiences it.

Feel the Cycladic Aura

We welcome you on a beautiful journey of refreshment.
Staring at the endless blue, let the energy of the volcano flood you and touch your senses. Explore the pulse of wellness and longevity through a multitude of activities.

Thera Mare Resort and Spa

We combine modern treatments using the elements of nature such as water, heat, air along with local products and essential oils, which the land of Santorini generously offers under the warmth of its famous sunset.
Our commitment is the mystical experience that will purify the soul, rejuvenate the body and travel your spirit.
Relax in the experienced hands of our team to experience the ultimate Ersi…