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Packages / Combinations

  • Santorini Touch (massage + mask) 75΄ - 10% discount per person
    Combine your relaxing or energetic massage of choice with a nourishing body mask, get drunk on Greek perfumes and take care of your muscles and skin
  • Total Hail Package (face + body massage) 75΄ - 10% discount per person
    Absolutely relaxing experience with massage from the toes to the head. Fragrances, aromatic massage oils and expert therapist's hands wrap in every part of your body, perfect for those who love massage
  • Refreshment Package (jacuzzi + massage) 80΄ - 10% discount per person
    Combining a relaxing massage with the power of water from the jacuzzi for more relaxation and coolness for your body
  • Day Package (sauna + jacuzzi + massage) 100΄ - 15% discount per person
    Wellness day suggestion, for a total spa experience. It includes the heat of the sauna that detoxifies you, the whirlpool of fresh water from your relaxing jacuzzi, and a choice massage for your tired muscles.
  • 3 days Massage Package (3 massages) 15% discount per person
    Start or end your day with a massage that gives you energy and vitality throughout our stay at our hotel.



  • Wellness day Package (gym + massage) - 15% discount per person
    Take advantage of this combination that will make you feel better and full of energy all day long.
  • ’Living the Dream’ - Couples Private (jacuzzi + massage) 20% discount
    Live the dream together, experiencing a unique private experience in the whirlpool of jacuzzi water and then enjoy a relaxing massage of your choice side by side, under the air of Santorini.
  • ‘Love is in the Airsis’ - Couples Private (sauna + jacuzzi + massage + wine - grapes) 30% discount
    Santorini and romance are two things identical. We have prepared a unique private experience for you as a couple. Feel our warm sauna, then soak in the jacuzzi water and experience a relaxing massage of your choice side by side. Enjoy your moments with Santorini’s wine and fresh local and relax under the island's skyline.